Among the different types of essays, it can be stated that moral essays can be distinguished by the following feature: its title explains its purpose, but at the same, time does not suggest how it should be done.
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As for the first part, it is self-explanatory as a moral essay is essentially about morals, and there is no second opinion in this respect. However, such explicit explanation does not guide the student/writer on how to write a moral essay. Thus, the present article will provide a few notes on the essence of moral essay as well as a few hints on how it should be written.

A Moral Essay

In a nutshell, a moral essay is a piece of writing which explains, suggests and/or recommends a pattern of attitudes that one should follow and a set of values that one should have to lead a particular type of life. The present article does not name the type of life implied, e.g. virtuous, honest, etc, rather than generally stating that such life is related to a set of commonly accepted views and norms, which might differ from society to society.

Although, there are many mutual points between societies, there are also differences. In that regard, a moral essay, when referring to the type of life that should be led, indicates the norms and values of the society, to which the author belongs or wishes to belong.

Moral Essay Hints

The hints that might be given when writing a moral essay include, but not limited to the following:

Establish the model, based on which the suggestions are provided.
Referring to accepted norms, indicate where and why they are accepted.
Try to remain neutral to the points that might raise a debate by the opposing point of view, specifically if such points are insignificant to the moral essay in question.
State the significance of the suggestions proposed.

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